BARBECUE grill 60cm with 230V motor

  • item: 13036
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686130362
  • weight: 9,80 kg

Charcoal grill with robust BARBECUE construction with motor for rotating food.

The steel construction 82 x 65 x 34 cm is provided with a durable paint. For the heat preparation of your delicacies, the grill is equipped with a two-part steel grate with complete dimensions of 56 x 30 cm. In the lower part, the grill is equipped with massive side holes for air flow. The metal legs then ensure high stability of the unit.

The grill is complemented by a powerful motor with 230V power supply for rotating food, the rotation is left and right rotating, each time the motor is switched off and then switched on, the direction changes. Up to 8 kg of food can be loaded on the forks - the engine. At the rotation speed (approx. 2 revolutions per minute) only the most even baking is ensured.

The grill is especially suitable for grilling a large number of meat dishes, but also other dishes.

Package dimensions (transport dimensions) 61 x 20.5 x 35 cm.

Technical data
grill dimensions 82 x 65 x 34 cm
grill grate two-piece steel
barbecue area 56 x 30 cm
part of the fork for grilling 60 cm
motor power supply 230V / 4W
power cord length 120 cm
engine speed 2 / min
load capacity of swivel forks 8 kg