• item: 99BB004
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686770049
  • weight: 25,40 kg

Note: The following text was translated by an automated translator.

Gas grill with Flame Tamer system. The main grilling space is fitted with a 4x burner with independent regulation and piezo ignition and is equipped with a grill for keeping hot meals. Thanks to the possibility to switch off the middle burners, the grill is suitable for both direct and indirect grilling.

The grill is mobile (2 castors), it is equipped with a folding lid with a thermometer and shelves with accessory hooks. It is also equipped with an additional side stove with separate regulation and piezo ignition. In the center part is a lockable cabinet with a door. Also included is a gas hose connecting hose and a reducing valve. Thanks to the folding side shelf, the grill is easy to store.

The Flame Tamer system - metal profiles are placed directly above the burners to prevent the flames from falling between the flames and its flare. At the same time, it prevents direct heating of the burner flames grid only in its place, resulting in a much more even heating of the entire grilling, chrome-plated, steel grid with enamel finish. Any grease dripping from grilled meat flows down the grill walls into a drip tray at the bottom of the grill.

Technical data
the main burner x
side stove x
folding lid yes
mobile yes (2 wheels)
piezo ignition yes
folding shelf yes
barbecue area 64 x 38 cm
the cabinet space 62 x 44 x 42 cm
height of the grate (from the ground) 82 cm
size of the grill approx. 133 x 98 x 51 cm
total power 14,1 kW /hour
color black and silver