Patioo heater CHROME 13,5kW with regulation

  • item: 13932
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686139327
  • weight: 15,00 kg

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Outdoor heat radiator, freestanding, with the possibility of attaching to a solid substrate. Excellent for enhancing thermal comfort in cold weather in the outdoor environment - on the terrace, in the open arbor, pergola, or in front garden.

The radiator is equipped with a 12.5 kW burner with a gas consumption of 0.909 kg /h. It is connected to a 10 kg gas cylinder, which is located in the enclosed, bottom-enclosed part of the device (the gas bottle must be purchased separately). It also includes a safety switch that switches the gas supply off and the flame goes off when the entire radiator is tilted.

The gas radiator is equipped with castors for ease of mobility, and it is also possible to anchor firmly into the ground (anchor screws are not included). The package contains all accessories including a connection hose with a reducer.

Caution, intended only for outdoor use. Read the instructions carefully before use.

Technical data
• Heat power kW
gas consumption 0.909 kg /h
type of gas propane-butane (LPG)
ignition piezo
control valve yes, 2.8-3 kPa
gas bottle max 10 kg
shield protection yes, automatic shutdown
height 225 cm
width diameter 82 cm
fabrication stainless steel