Patio heater PB CZ with regulation

  • item: 13930
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686139303
  • weight: 14,80 kg

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Outdoor heat radiator, freestanding. Excellent for enhancing thermal comfort in cold weather in the outdoor environment - on the terrace, in the open arbor or pergola, or in the front garden.

The radiator is equipped with a 7 kW burner and a gas consumption of 0.5 kg /h. Attaches to a 10 kg gas bottle, which is placed at the bottom. It also includes a safety switch that switches off the gas supply when the flame goes off or the tilting of the entire emitter turns off the flame.

The gas emitter is supplied in a portable bag, the package contains all accessories including a connection hose and a reducing valve.

Caution, intended only for outdoor use. Read the instructions carefully before use.

Technical data
• Heat powerkW
gas consumption0.5 kg /h
type of gaspropane-butane (LPG)
control valveyes, 2.75 kPa
gas bottlemax 10 kg
shield protectionyes, automatic shutdown
height225 cm
widthdiameter 75 cm