Foldable For-spoon 21cm

  • item: 13619
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686136197
  • weight: 0,06 kg

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Folding bucket with textile bag.

The spoon is made of high quality stainless steel. Its use is widespread compared to a standard spoon, thanks to 3 splines in front that form a forklike shape. The handle is collapsible, with a lock against unwanted composition. Dimensions 4.5 x 21 cm, corresponding to the dimensions of the classic soup spoon.

The spoon will also dazzle with its tiny transport dimensions, just 4.5 x 13 cm, which you will appreciate on the road, in the camp and anywhere else where you need to save space.

Together with a great spoon you get a practical, green textile bag, which ends with a draw on the cord.

Technical data
tool dimensions 4.5 x 21 cm
transport dimensions 4.5 x 13 cm
material. stainless steel
housing green, textile
Weight G