Stainless Kettle 1500ml

  • item: 13616
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686136166
  • weight: 0,40 kg

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1.5 liter stainless steel kettle with a lid and sieve.

The bottom diameter of 14 cm, together with a height of 8.5 cm, makes a kettle large enough to make tea for the entire family, a group of camps, or other outdoor enthusiasts.

The kettle is made of high-quality stainless steel and can also be used to cook delicious loose teas thanks to a removable sieve of 9.8 x 4 cm.

Both the lid and the kettle are fitted with silicone hoods to ensure comfortable handling and spilling of hot drinks.

Technical data
pot diameter 14 cm
kettle height 8.5 cm
sieve dimensions 9.8 x 4 cm
handles with silicone sleeves
material. stainless steel
Weight G