Gas cooker BUTAN

  • item: 13600
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686136005
  • weight: 0,21 kg

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Outdoor cooker for propane-butane, for heating and preparing food on the road, in the camp, etc.

The cooker is connected by simply screwing it to the propane-butane cartridge, which must be manufactured in accordance with EN 417 and fitted with a self-sealing valve with a 7/16 "connecting thread. For easy and quick use, piezoelectric ignition and gas flow control are used to precisely adjust the flame size.

The cooker is equipped with tipping blades, which ensures perfect surface heating of the casseroles, pots and pans. The all-metal, stainless steel design guarantees low weight while maintaining maximum durability and processing quality.

Thanks to its foldability, the cooker takes up very little space, and is placed in a travel case, a small plastic box that provides protection during transport.

Technical data
threaded valve 7/16 "
fuel propane-butane (EN 417 cartridge)
gas consumption 305 g /hr
burner power 3000 W
seal size 30 x 2 mm
Weight G