Sleeping bag RIGA 0°C

  • item: 13403
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686134032
  • weight: 1,75 kg

Note: The following text was translated by an automated translator.

The Riga sleeping bag, size 230 x 80 cm, is a sleeping bag with a variety of usability and a high level of comfort.

It is ideal for excursions to nature, boating or trekking. For its versatility, it is also suitable as a replacement for a blanket eg in a camper, caravan, or perhaps a cottage.

However, the widest use is found as a light portable sleeping bag, which is ensured by its small size in a package of only 22 x 38 cm. The Riga sleeping bag is equipped with three layers, the outer material is polyester taffeta 220T with a Rip-Stop surface, which makes it possible to avoid any cracks in the material. The next layer is an inner, reminiscent of pleasing silk and is made of 170T polyester. The last layer is a polyester fiber insulation layer weighing 300 g /m2.

We choose the sleepers mainly according to their temperature limits, where comfort means the temperature at which we will be pleasant, the limit is the temperature in which we are still warm and, last but not least, there is the extreme temperature, which gives the maximum bearing temperature.

Temperature limits for Riga sleeping bag table below. The limits of individual sleeping bags are always listed on the product label.

Technical data
D i m e n s i o n s 230 x 80 cm
dimensions in the package 38 x 22 cm
Weight 1.68 kg
temperature limit (Comfort) C 65
temperature limit (Limit) C 65
temperature limit (Extrem) C 65