Foldable metal showel 46cm

  • item: 13273
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686132731
  • weight: 0,78 kg

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Blade with belt pouch, ideal for all tramps, fishermen, militarists, treasure hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The blade can be used conventionally as a shovel, but the blade is still equipped with a saw and can be assembled as a hoe.

The blade itself is practically and easily assembled. All you have to do is hang the bucket and one lock on the handle. The handle is finished with a classic triangle handle for safe grip and handling.

The blade has 12 x 19 cm folded dimensions and is sold together with a durable black textile case that can be attached to a belt.

In addition, this blade can be completely dismantled to clean any dirt.

The dimensions of the blade are 12 x 15.5 cm and the overall length is 46 cm.

Technical data
blade dimensions 12 x 15.5 cm
blade thickness mm
blade length 46 cm
housing yes, with a belt loop
dimensions in the case 15 x 21 x 4 cm