Pocket knife CAMPING 9cm

  • item: 13253
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686132533
  • weight: 0,16 kg

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Folding knife, with cutlery tools. A pure helper for camping and other outdoor uses.

The knife is made of all-metal and the handle is supplemented with soft plastic inserts, making it easier to hold. The knife is divided into two parts by pulling one part forward.

The first part of the knife consists of fork, can opener and bottle caps, the other part conceals the spoon and the knife blade itself.

The blade is made of 420J1 cutter steel, achieves HRC45-48 hardness, the other tools are made of 420J2 cutter. Both materials are particularly suited to an unfavorable environment where they excel by their corrosion resistance.

The knife is further equipped with a ring for attachment to, for example, a key ring. Thanks to its small dimensions, it also fits into any pocket.

Technical data
length of the knife closed 8.8 cm
knife blade length 6 cm
knife blade thickness mm
knife blade material SS 420 J1 (2CR13)
blade hardness HRC 45-48
material of other instruments SS 420 J2 (3CR13)
knife weight G
number of tools 5