Pocket knife MULTI 10cm

  • item: 13252
  • GTIN(EAN): 8591686132526
  • weight: 0,19 kg

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Multifunctional yellow-gold aluminum blade, with cutter steel tools. A useful Multi Assistant for camping, fishing and other outdoor use.

The blade and other knife tools are made of 420J1 cutter steel. The material reaches the HRC48 hardness and is particularly suited to an unfavorable environment where it excels in its corrosion resistance.

On the inside, underneath the handle, there is a can opener, a knife, a fish scraper, a wood saw, and the 6 cm blade itself. On the other hand, the outer side of the handle hides a cross-cut screwdriver of the most common dimensions, a punch, a file, an eye for coarse sewing, and a corkscrew corkscrew. On the back, the handle is provided with an eye-catcher, for example, on the key and, last but not least, with a stopper opener that can also be used as a flat-blade screwdriver.

The handle is made of high quality aluminum, painted yellow to gold, with top and bottom perforations. Thanks to its features, the nosepiece finds it really good everywhere, and it's good to have it at hand anytime, anywhere.

Technical data
length of the knife closed 9.7 cm
knife blade length 6 cm
knife blade thickness mm
tool material SS 420 J1 (2CR13)
hardness of tools HRC 48
the handle handle Aluminum
knife weight G
number of tools 13